Courses of less than 450 hours

Group :
Short duration course : 38€/h

Individual :
Price per hour/attendant "customised courses" : contact us to get a quotation.

Courses of more than 450 hours (group of 6 attendants min)

Price per hour/attendant : 16 Euros

B2B price per day/attendant : 700 Euros (no VAT)

20% discount on training courses organized in Marrakech. Possibility of accommodation with full pension at exceptional prices (example: for 4 persons (Ward Saada) 160€ / Day ATI either 40 € per person, for accommodation + 2 meals a day.

Schools, universities and private training centers, under deal with us the technical software training. We manage for you: schedules classes, the hiring of expert trainers, the equipment and software required, providing training rooms in more than 400 cities worldwide. Partnership -

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