Long Duration Course

Long duration course / 1000 h (CIF)

Training Schedule description

Training Title :

Computerized Audio Visual Multimedia (C.A.V.M)

Selection Time :

By appointment

Trainees Professional Profile :

all levels

Public addressed :

Any Trainee targeting Audio, Video, 3D, Graphics, Multimedia, Software, Internet, Networks Management and Administration and Programming Occupations.

Previous requirements :

Basic Computer knowledge.
A-Levels or professional experience.
Motivation and sustenance test.

Training Purpose :

After theoretical and practical Training, Trainee will be able to control programs, peripheral devices, computers, audio visual and multimedia accessories, to satisfy any specific needs in businesses and Institutions.

Duration :

Total Training duration in hours :

  • Yearly Training : 1000h
  • Hours per week : 32 h

Participants :

Maximum 10 Trainees per session.

Training Institution

  • Name : HOME
  • Address : 55, Av. Marceau 75016 Paris
  • Telephone : + 33 143 806 837
  • Training Location : Tour Essor 14 rue Scandicci 93500 Pantin (face à la cité de la musique)
  • Company Structure : SARL
  • Subject to VAT : Yes
  • Subject to VAT for Training: No
  • Training Institution nr : 11754436475
  • Fiscal nr : B 403 830 011 00041

The time distribution must be of course adapted to each Trainee Professional Project Detailed Schedule

Programme détaillé

Common Parts :

Module 1 : Computer Basic Knowledge

  • Contributor(s) : Franck Clément
  • Purpose : Management Systems presentation (PC, MAC).
  • Contents : Windows XP, Vista / Mac OSX / Linux.

Module 2 : Micro PC Management

  • Contributor(s) : Laurent Bozzetto, Abderrahman Buiraddane
  • Purpose : Mac, PC and Home Network Physical and Software maintenance.
  • Contents : Peripheral Devices, Bios, Pilots, Browsers...Windows XP/Vista/Seven, Mac OSX/ Linux...
  • Options : Office Suite (Sun Star office, Microsoft Pack Office Pro, Apple...).

Module 3 : Midi Environment

  • Contributor(s) : Benjamin Pavajeau, Lionel Nicod, Gilbert Tycle, Alain Félix
  • Purpose : Language and Midi Environment mastering.
  • Contents : Binary Language introduction, Midi Software and Physical Interface, Midi Message, Software Applications: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, DP, Samplers Programmes, Synthetic Programmes, Practices.
  • Physical Applications : Synthesis, Expander, Sampler...
  • Practices

Module 4 : Audio

  • Contributor(s) : Benjamin Pavajeau, Lionel Nicod, Jérôme Blondel, Patrick Niccolli.
  • Purpose : Theoretical and practical learning of modern Peripheral Devices and Programmes at professional level.
  • Contents : Main Audio rules: Nature, Propagation, Perception, Acoustics...
  • A Signal : Measurement, Treatment, Microphone, Consol, Numeral Audio.
  • Numeral Audio Programmes Applications : Cubase, Logic, Sound forge, Wavelab, Reason, Halion, EXS24, Kontakt, Audition, Melodyne, Metasynth, Peak... + all plugins
  • Practices.

Module 5 : Audio-Video Synchro

  • Contributor(s) : Guillaume Patrois
  • Purpose : Audio Illustration and post production
  • Contents : Audio Visual Production
  • DVD Video / DVD Audio.
  • Software Applications: Cubase SX, Wavelab Vegas + DVD.

Module 6 : Multimedia

  • Contributor(s) : Guillaume de Home, Franck Clement
  • Purpose : Interactive Terminals & CD ROM.
  • Contents : Multimedia Formats / Data Inpu
  • Picture touch up : Photoshop CS
  • Video touch up : Vegas 7
  • Flash 8 Programm presentation
  • Practices

Module 7 : Recording / Mastering CD audio / CD Rom / DVD Rom / DVD video

  • Contributor(s) : Benjamin Pavajeau, Sebastien Defrene
  • Purpose : Data File in all Formats, all Recordings.
  • Contents : Software Application: Nero, Wave burner
  • Wavelab 6, CD Architect,DVD Architect, DVD Studio Pro...

Module 8 : Internet

  • Contributor(s) : Laurent Bozzetto, Abderrahman Buiraddane
  • Purpose : Learn the basic knowledge of the Internet user and the Internet website developer.
  • Contents : History
  • Internet Basics
  • Web Server Production
  • FTP Protocol, Telnet
  • Software : Dreamweaver / Flash / Golive / Homesite

Options - spécialisations (au choix) :

Option 1 : “Didactic” Music

  • Contributor(s): Fabrice Duclos
  • Purpose: Trainee will be able to learn Music theory, Harmony and Analysis using Traditional Techniques.
  • Contents :
    • Music Learning: conventional notation, keys knowledge, rhythm knowledge, intelligent listening development by means of gradual dictations, intervals...
    • Harmony: Tones and Modes Systems, Harmony Functions Hierarchy, Tune Types, Special Notes... Music Analysis: Forms, Languages and Structural Procedures understanding on any Score.

Option 2 : “Application” Music

  • Contributor(s): Fabrice Duclos
  • Purpose : To get tools for a contemporary music practice.
  • Contents :
    • Orchestration: Organ Specifics for all Instrument Families, tone and tones fusion, Orchestra Harmonization (Classic, Camera, Symphonic, Big Band, Rock, Blues...).
    • Jazz Harmony: Super Structures, formal frames and Harmony implications, grids, substitute Tunes...
    • Film Soundtracks and semantic procedures: How to obtain the music feeling ?
    • Video-Audio Synchronization, cases study.

Option 3 : Musical Score Edition

  • Contributor(s) : Alain Champagne
  • Purpose: Professional Edition Cubase Score, Finale & Sibelius
  • Contents: Practices for writing, editing, and music score publishing. Software Applications: Cubase Score / Finale / Sibelius

Option 4 : Protools Audio

  • Contributor(s): Benjamin Pavajeau, Malko Pouchin
  • Purpose: Learn the essential skills to get professional results from a home studio or a professional recording studio equipped with Protools
  • Contents: Software Application: Protools LE & HD
  • Theorie & Practice in home studio & professional recording studio

Option 5 : Midi Audio Digital Performer

  • Contributor(s): Malko Pouchin
  • Purpose: Learn the essential skills to get professional results from a home studio or a professional recording studio equipped with Digital Performer
  • Contents: Software Application: Digital Performer
  • Theorie & Practice in home studio & professional recording studio.

Option 6 : Sound Synthesis

  • Contributor(s): Malko Pouchin, Benjamin Pavajeau
  • Purpose: Sound design using Analogue & software Synthesisers (Native Instrument).
  • Contents: Analogue & software Synthesis / Vocoder / Modular Synthesis / Filters...

Option 7 : Audio improvement

  • Contributor(s) : Benjamin Pavajeau
  • Purpose: Improve the Module 4 (Audio) learning
  • Contents: Sound input, Stereophony, Sound Mixing (console O2R, Mi-Tech 24 on line, Audio Peripheral Devices...)
    Mastering, Audio CD (CD Architect Wavelab, hardware devices...) and Audio DVD (Wavelab ) implementation
  • Practice.

Option 8 : Adobe Multimedia

  • Contributor(s): Sebastien Defrène
  • Purpose: acquire an advanced level of knowledge in the use of Adobe Creative Suite all components
  • Contents :
    • Software Application: Adobe Creative Suite
    • Menus and Submenus Definition
    • «Guide Adobe» guided follow-up.
  • Practice and implementation.

Option 9 : Networks

  • Contributor(s): Laurent bozzetto, Abderrahman Buiraddane
  • Purpose:Presentation of network architectures / acquire knowledge Theory and practice to become a network administrator. BE ABLE TO ADMINISTRATE AN INTRANET AND INTERNET DOMAIN USING WINDOWS SERVER 2003/08. BE ABLE TO USE LINUX EFFECTIVELY AS A WORKSTATION AND AS AN INTRANET INTERNET LINUX SERVER
  • Contents: TCP I P / ISO / X 25 / ATM / Networks Management / Linux / Windows server 2003/08 / MacOSX...
  • Practice and implementation.

Option 10 : Video Workshop

  • Contributor(s): Beatrice Hander
  • Purpose: Short Films and Audiovisual Reports implementation.
  • Contents: Cameras control : Betacam, DV Cam, HD cam, multicanal cam... Indoor & outdoor scenario Digital & analog transfert (any format studied) / synchronization, editing, compositing and FX on FINAL CUT, Avid, Premiere, Vegas, Motion… Options :  Special effects with Photoshop & After Effects, &/or Maya

Option 11 : 3D

  • Contributor(s): Nory Manser, Patrice Paradis
  • Purpose: Proficiency in the use of  3-D software for design, architecture, audiovisual production, or cinema production. 
  • Contents :  Amapi 3d, 3d Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4d, Vectorworks,Solidworks, Bodypaint, Rhino, Autocad, Autocad Architecture, Inventor, Catia... 
  • Practice and implementation.

Option 12 : DVD / Blu-ray / Blu-ray 3D

  • Contributor(s): Malko Pouchin,
  • Objective:  Creation of DVD video and other media present the audiovisual industry 
  • Contents:  History and definitions of formats (DVD, HD, MPEG, DVD Architecture   Blu-ray ...) Hardware & software used : SPRUCE technologie (Maestro) / Minerva system encodage / Vegas + DVD Architect / DVD studio pro / Encore DVD... 
  • Practice and implementation.

Option 13 : English

  • Contributor(s): Sarah Millington
  • Purpose: English update
  • Contents : Traditional English, Technical English (adapted to Software and New Technologies)

Option 14 : E-trade

  • Contributor(s): John Field
  • Objective:  Presentation of actual most used online tools for    financial management. 
  • Content:  Bank and Stock Exchange "on line ", history, performance,   case studies, tutorials and reference books.   Demos and practical application ... 

Option 15 : Business Plan

  • Contributor(s): Sarah Milligton, Mathieu Garuti.
  • Objective:   Writing a business plan    Using the software Business Plan Pro 
  • Contents:   Sample of Business Plan comments and explanations    (ex: companies : Seamply, Softige or various start-up ...).    
  • Help with research, development and edition of Business Plan adapted to students projects, with trainer assistance.

Option 16 : E-management

  • Contributor(s): John Field, Sarah Milligton
  • Objective:    Mastering of management tools : ACCPAC (Computer Associates); worlwide Business "End to End" software solution.
  • Contents:    Accpac Range: Accounting Solutions / E-Business Solu    tions / Messaging Solutions / Customer Relationship Mana   gement (eCRM) / Warehouse Management Systems / Hu    man Resource Management / Industry Specific Solutions. 
  • Options :   Other software suite : SAGE, Ciel, EBP, SAP...  

Option 17 : Software Packages

  • Contributor(s): J. Field, S. Milligton, S Defrenne, X.F. Duclos, L. Sow, M. Garutti
  • Objective:  Proficiency in various programming languages to create or enhance pro software (software - proware) 
  • Contents:  flex, air, php, coldfusion, c, c + +, java, php, pearl, asp, visual basic ...

Option 18 : Edition Production Management

  • Contributor(s): Raymond Bortalys
  • Objective:  D e v e l o p m e n t  S t r a t e g y   i n   t h e   c a r e e r s   o f   t h e content creator / Control laws assigned to the field / Improve your ability to use, bargain, sell and purchase multimedia content, plan, organize, direct and control. / control of environmental factors in audiovisual production. / Identification of sales techniques and business strategies. / Designing tools to find buyers and partners. / Simulation of contract n e g o t i a t i o n s   a n d   i m p l e m e n t a t i o n   o f  m a r k e t i n g   p r i n c i p l e s   . . . . 
  • Content:   The music & audiovisual publishing / exploitation of contents /contracts / partners of socio-professional music / Multinationals / Artists Management / Contract Management / Strategy Analysis / Organization / Planning / Human Resources / The basics of accounting practice / Budgets Production in audiovisual / Grants / Marketing for Artists / Business creation ... 

IAVM (CAVM) Training Programme may be modified according to each Trainee Selection and Purposes.

More colloquial than Formal Magisterial Courses, the learning procedures in small groups allows establishing customized programs that you plan as you wish.

The Home network is a group of several Multimedia Creative and Recording Studios: different locations, different materials and software and no less than fifty Experts Contributors that will satisfy all your requirements.

Non exhaustive List of Institutions able to Finance or Co-finance a Training Programme: ANPE, ESF (European Social Fund), municipalities, AFDAS, UNIFORMATION, ASSEDIC, DDTE, REGIONAL COUNCILS, CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, AGEFOS SMUs, FONGECIF, Mutual Institutions (all sectors)...

After completion, the Trainee will receive an Official Certificate showing the level and capacities in the referred domains. Every Training includes a Project Implementation to be assessed by a panel of Professionals.

Focus on several Professions

Computing - Midi - Audio - Multimedia - Cinema - Video - Education - e-Business - Consulting - Management - Architecture - Video Games - Design...

 Computer Basic Knowledge (Module 1)
 Micro PC Management (Module 2)
 Midi Environment (Module 3)
 Audio (Module 4)
 Audio-Video Synchro (Module 5)
 Multimedia (Module 6)
 Recording / Mastering CD audio / CD Rom / DVD Rom / DVD video (Module 7)
 Internet (Module 8)
 “Didactic” Music (Option 1)
 “Application” Music (Option 2)
 Musical Score Edition (Option 3)
 Protools Audio (Option 4)
 Midi Audio Digital Performer (Option 5)
 Sound Synthesis (Option 6)
 Audio improvement (Option 7)
 Adobe Multimedia (Option 8)
 Networks (Option 9)
 Video Workshop (Option 10)
 3D (Option 11)
 DVD (Option 12)
 English (Option 13)
 E-trade (Option 14)
 Business Plan (Option 15)
 E-management (Option 16)
 Software Packages (Option 17)
 Edition Production Management (Option 18)
 Part of the course
 The whole course