Addressed to individuals and businesses, HOME proposes certificate training courses (individual or group courses) for all currently used software: Computing, Computer Aided Design, Desk-top Publishing, Accountancy, Data Bases, Media, Audio, Multimedia, Networks, E-management etc... No matter what’s your level, affinities and objectives.

Training is the Group’s N° 1 activity
HOME trains on all software

From simple Package Deals of 5 hours, to long duration trainings (1000 h per year), create by yourself your own Training Programme. HOME is an authorized Training Centre, a skills network grouping specialized Trainers in every area related to computing.

Many course financing alternatives (AFDAS, Uniformation, ANPE, ASSEDIC, Mutual Associations, General Counsil, British Council, UKCOSA...)

Information and Register :
Tel. : +33 1 43 80 68 37 GSM. : +33 6 67 42 85 25

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